Dario Šolman (HR)


For the last ten years or so Croatian artist Dario Šolman has been working on The Heart of Perspective, the Making of the Film, a series of multimedia projects, which together form the building blocks for a larger whole. They share the same visual language and a number of story lines. In his projects he investigates our relationship with art, film, culture, politics and other systems, which are part of modern-day society. His visual language is symbolic and geometric, combined with a wide range of other visual elements.

Target Orbit (2013)

part of The Heart of Perspective, the Making of the Film project
digital animation, 4’, and a selection of digital prints

The digital animation film Target Orbit is rooted in a visual language which Dario Šolman developed in recent years for The Heart of the Perspective project. The film does not stand alone, but is part of a larger whole for which the artist draws visual inspiration from diverse disciplines: architecture, technology, nature, science fiction and time travel, secret codes, theology, folklore, etc. According to Šolman, the work invites the onlooker to stop and consider the way we perceive and experience artworks.

Produced by the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts as part of the cooperation project with the biennials of Göteborg, Liverpool and Mechelen (within the framework of the European Culture Programme 2007-2013).