Søren Andreasen (DK)


Søren Andreasen often makes drawings, etchings and works using a range of printing techniques. He has published several books and written a series of pamphlets. The combination of abstract images and texts about art, its politics and relationship with everyday social situations plays a vital role in his work. He is less interested in conveying immediate meaning through works of art than in the way art affects the way we think and behave.

Mass and Order (2013)

5 posters (in and around the Hof van Busleyden)
12 linocuts (4 in the prison, 4 in the church and 4 in the stadium)

The artist sees the 12 linocuts not so much as illustrations, but more as graphic effects suggesting movement. The graphic design and the design world provided the inspiration for Andreasen’s prints: these disciplines look for ways to reproduce a specific form or meaning (a red triangle means danger, a speech balloon contains dialogue, etc.). Andreasen wants to disconnect these elements from their narrative function. He frees the forms of their role as conduits of meaning. They are allowed to speak for themselves and claim their own meaning and to occupy their own time and space in a dynamic way. 

Produced by Contour 2013.