Søren Andreasen 
Mass and Order (2013)
5 posters (in and around the Hof van Busleyden)

Sven Augustijnen 
Old News #13 (2011-2013)

Petra Bauer & Marius Dybwad Brandrud
Choreography for the Giants (2013)
publication, video installation, sound

Sonia Boyce
Move (2013)
video, sound, 11’33”

Alejandro Cesarco
Musings (2013)
video, sound, 15’30”

Keren Cytter 
Something Happened (2007)
video, sound, 7’52”

Josef Dabernig
Wisla (1996)
video, black & white, sound, 8’’

Gustaaf De Bruyne 
Melancholia (1949) and Nieuwjaarswensen (1954-1977)
oil on canvas & burin engraving

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys
The Brown of Mechelen (2013)
video, sound

Carl De Keyzer
Zona (2003)
slide projections

Edgardo Aragón Díaz
Hunter (2013)
video, sound, 9’34”

Harun Farocki
How to Live in the FRG (1990)
video, sound, 83’

Paul Hendrikse
The Twelfth Man (2013)
video and sound installation

Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet
A Treatise on Baths (2013) 
installation with slide projector, 9’

Judith Hopf
Some End of Things: The Conception of Youth (2011)
video, sound, 7’52”
Zählen! (2008)
video installation, sound, 3’38”

Marine Hugonnier
 Apicula Enigma (2013)
poster and film screenings at Mechelen Cultural Centre

Liz Magic Laser
Flight (2011)
video installation, sound, 30’12”
Prison Score (2012)
video installation and film posters, sound, 10’

Pernille With Madsen
Dissolve (2010)
video installation, 6’30”

Pablo Pijnappel 
Nima (2013)
set of 12 postcards

Pablo Pijnappel & Giles Bailey
The Playmakers (2013)
performance and sound installation

Agnieszka Polska 
Future Days (2013)
video, sound, 20’

Mark Raidpere
10 Men (2003)
video, geluid, 8’

Marinella Senatore 
The School of Narrative Dance (2013)
video installation, sound, 20’ 

David Shrigley
Rules of the Prison (2013)
Rules of the Church (2013)
Rules of the Stadium (2013)

Dario Šolman
Target Orbit (2013)
part of The Heart of Perspective,
the Making of the Film project
digital animation, 4’, and a selection of digital prints

Sarah Vanhee
I Screamed and I Screamed 
and I Screamed (2013)
installation with video and sound, performance

Peter Wächtler
Untitled (2013)
animation film, sound, 4’, and 4 sculptures


Court of Busleyden

Frederik de Merodestraat 65

Main exhibition venue
and starting point

The Hof van Busleyden (Court of Busleyden) was built at the beginning of the sixteenth century for Hiëronymus van Busleyden, ecclesiastical jurist and member of the Great Council, the highest court of law in the Netherlands at the time. He was also a Maecenas and humanist and a friend of Erasmus and Thomas More. The building was designed by Rombout II Keldermans, who hailed from a distinguished family of master builders.

Between 1619 and the First World War the building served as the ‘Berg van Barmhartigheid’ or ‘Mount Charity’, which lent money interest-free to the poor. Most of the building was destroyed during the war, leaving only the walls standing. It was rebuilt and in 1938 it became the municipal museum.

The space has been extended with an underground exhibition area and Contour is the first to use it since completion. The historical part of the building is also undergoing renovation.