Marine Hugonnier (FR)


This French artist lives and works in London. She mainly makes films and installations, but also creates collages and photographs. Many of them look at the way images are formed and how this influences our view of the world. Her work demonstrates that images are never neutral, but always bear the political, historical or aesthetic stamp of their cultural environment. Landscapes play an important role in this. ‘I see landscape as a form of cultural mediation; it influences history, and vice versa.’

Apicula Enigma (2013)

poster and film screenings at Mechelen Cultural Centre 

Apicula Enigma (or: The Enigma of the Bee) was filmed in a region of Austria named Carniola after the Apis millifera carnica, or the Carniolan honeybee. It is the most popular species in the region, which has a long tradition in apiculture. The artist plays with the characteristics of the nature documentary as a genre. The thread running through the film is the metaphor of the beehive as a camera obscura. The beehive is shown as a black box which content is never revealed. What it mirrors is the world as a whole. 

Produced by Contour 2013.